Thursday, May 30, 2013

Get Me A Strait Jacket...I've Snapped Again!

This week...The Dutchess is hosting SNAPPED! Link up! Yes, I know all three of my followers probably already did this, but if you are a nomad who just happened to find me...well check it out. I might even blog about something super exciting this week later check back with me. If pics should captcha-vate you!


The words this week are...CREEPY,EXCITING, MYSTERIOUS, and AIR.

Seriously? Those are everything I am. DUH! Well, let me pictures....

Grab your wine and get with it!


Mysterious.  This is my muse...

Creepy...old buildings, gargoyles... a barrel...lots of yum, yum...and a party! Nice scratching posts...kitty gets excited about this one!

And AIR!

Go link up!