Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Snapped...6 times now. The meds are not working.

Link up and join in the fun. It's simple, easy, and sometimes we get cheesy. But not this week, because we don't have that stuff in between our toes.  Click on the pic and it will take you to the The Dutch!


The words are...NomNom (food), Sunsets, Clouds, and Toes

The dog and I are on a rawhide diet. He's still fat. I can't chew the dang things. Notice there is no pic of me and rawhide. It's not attractive. At least he looks like Humphrey Bogart. Schweetheart!


This was taken at sunset. Bet you can't tell that! The daughter made an arrangement on the porch. Awesome possum.


TOES. I love sand in my toes.

Monday, June 3, 2013

We Snapped! Again!

Well, it's time for that moment we all know is right on the edge...the brink...or maybe beyond. Join us for WE SNAPPED! Grab the badge and linky dinky up with all of us! This week's WORD, as in WORD to ya mutha... comes courtesy of the Dutchess... Yeah, I know...she doesn't make it easy.
Don't be a hater, accept the challenge! And..................GO!
.....SHADOW.....FORGOTTEN.....TEXTURE....REFLECTION. Just for fun, I am messing up my order, so pay attention...


Reflection! See if you can find me in there...

 Forgotten. It's no secret I like cemeteries. I'm a creeper like that.

Shadow...has a bonus shadow, because I took two of the same room in a barn built in 1891...check it out!


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